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Morning Coffee

Fool me once... Kelvin "Sketch" Sampson is at it again, once more facing NCAA violations for improper recruiting. This surprises who?

2009: Wins Nobel Prize? The Statesman's Cedric Golden is right: Aaron Ross's life is obscenely good. Golden writes a whole column on it, but really, we can do this in just a few lines:

2005 - National title
2006 - Thorpe Award Winner
2007 - First round NFL Draftee and marriage to track star hottie
2008 - Super Bowl

Sorta makes you wonder what's next, huh? At his current trajectory, Aaron Ross will be President of the Federation of Galaxies by 2027.

Bob Knight on Leno. With stripes and a whistle!

Speaking of kickass life moves. Friend and BON contributor Abram from 40 Acre Sports is engaged! Congratulations, young man...