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Morning Coffee Is Exploiting Crack Babies

Ready, steady, go. Spring football is here, and the schedule is finally set. The Longhorns will kickoff the spring with a practice on Friday at 3:45 p.m. followed by a workout on Saturday Feb. 23 at 9 a.m. Both practices will be held at Frank Denius Fields (corner of 26th St. and Red River) and are open to the public. The annual Spring Jamboree will be held on Saturday, March 29th at 1:00 p.m. at DKR.

News from The Council. The Texas Intercollegiate Athletics Council for Men met on Tuesday to discuss a host of issues. Notable for fans: Football tickets will be more expensive this year, up three percent to $385 for seven home games.

Chip Brown also reports that the council is going over a proposal to retire Vince Young's #10 jersey, which would break from long standing policy of only retiring Heisman Trophy/Player of the Year winners.

Finally, Texas will honor the memory of Rooster Andrews both by naming the football team's special teams meeting room and the finish line at the track field after him.

Surprisingly accurate. When Orson sent me the link to this YouTube selling propoganda to crazy parents, I was skeptical, but it's surprisingly realistic.

Orson: The Longhorn video shows you how to be a Longhorn fan, and the Oklahoma one shows your baby how to make meth out of ingredients you can buy with an EBT card.
PB: Holy crap. They have the Sooner baby grabbing nitrous balloons
Orson: A baby with a huge catfish wrapped around its arm
PB: Can of Cope tucked in his diaper
PB: And another Sooner baby passed out drunk
Orson: I thought the drunk one was the kid who couldn't stack blocks
Orson: "Mommy is so proud of you, because it makes the check she gets from the government more bigger!"