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Evening Open Thread

Texas easily handles Oklahoma, but the day of college hoops is just getting started, with lots of exciting matchups already under way and an enormous #1-#2 showdown later this evening.

In Progress

Oregon   65
#6 UCLA 75
[Comment: Lavin nails it - You can't argue with Ben Howland's results, but my God it's often disgusting basketball to watch. With today's other upsets, UCLA back in the hunt for a #1 seed, especially with so few other legitimate contenders out west.]

#5 Kansas  60
Oklahoma State  61
[Comment: Wow. Kansas with 21 turnovers, Byron Eaton with 26 points, and we get our biggest upset of the season in the Big 12. Texas sits alone atop the Big 12 standings at 10-2.]

Nebraska  65
#22 Texas A&M  59
[Comment: What a week for Doc Sadler, huh? Nebraska with two impressive wins, at home over KSU and now on the road over A&M. For the Agros, it's back to the NCAA bubble.]

Later Today

#25 Kansas State 86
Baylor 92
[Comment: Two storylines here. First, this is a huge win for Baylor that gets them back into NCAA Tournament discussion. Second, for Texas, a 3-1 finish guarantees them the #1 seed in the Big 12 Tournament.]

#2 Tennessee
#1 Memphis
8:00, ESPN

After some dinner, I'm headed over to Rocky Top Talk to join the Tennessee open thread. Join me there for the biggest regular season game of the year.