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Game Day Link Dump

A game day link dump to prep you for tonight's huge conest:

  • Texas jumps to #5 in both polls, behind just Tennessee, Memphis, North Carolina, and UCLA. Have I mentioned that we beat two of those teams?
  • Joe Lunardi bumps Texas to a #1 seed in his mock bracket, shipping Kansas to the 2-line in Houston. Check the Bracket Matrix for a host of other projections.
  • Basketball Prospectus with a mini-preview of tonight's game and the opposite directions each team is heading.
  • TB with a flurry of KSU links for game day.
  • Barking Carnival breaks down the matchup with Michael Beasley and how best to defend him.
  • Mark Rosner on Texas' 7-0 February, with Rick Barrnes saying of tonight's atmosphere, "I think it will be the most energized building we've gone into all year." I agree.
  • Join us here for the open thread tonight for what promises to be one of the most exciting games of the season. The more in the open thread, the merrier. See y'all tonight.