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RPI Matrix: Who's Most Deserving Of Top Seeds?

Writing this morning's game review, I couldn't help but think about Texas' overall resume. I found it difficult to imagine anyone having as impressive an overall set of wins as do the Longhorns, but I wanted to get a good side-by-side look before making any judgments.

Below is a matrix of wins and losses for each of what most consider to be the top six teams vying for top seeding in the NCAA Tournament. Much can and will change between now and Selection Sunday, but this gives you a nice look at where we are as we head into March. Since we know the selection committee will use RPI to supplement its seeding evaluations, opponents' RPI are included in parentheses. I only included wins in the Top 60 of the RPI for this matrix.

Some thoughts:

  • Kansas' resume is awfully thin. We know they're a great team, but just in terms of on-court accomplishment, they and the Tar Heels are the clear trailers here.
  • This diary and the comments therein over at Bruins Nation made me chuckle yesterday, and even more so today. I think UCLA's a terrific basketball team and when healthy, as likely as anyone to make the Final Four. But scoffing at Tennessee right after winning on the road in Memphis is dumb on its face. And in light of the accomplishments of the two teams so far this year, even dumber. The Bruins have four impressive road wins, and an outstanding neutral court win over Michigan State. They also have a loss to lowly Washington. I'm all for supporting your team, but give others their due when it's earned.
  • Not only does Texas have the most quality wins of anyone in the group, but it owns wins over three of the contenders in the matrix. With a true road win at Pauley, a 19-point neutral court win over Tennessee, and a home win over Kansas, Texas has every right to be a top seed right now. The loss to Missouri stings, but the giveaway game to Wisconsin frustrates me more. What a collapse.
  • Memphis has no quality games left on its schedule. If they drop one along the way, they're no lock for Houston.

Update [2008-2-26 16:15:23 by HornsFan]: Some have asked why I didn't include Duke. I easily could have, and perhaps should have. For the curious, Duke's resume:

Wins vs Top 60 in RPI
at UNC (3)
Wisconsin (13)
n-Marquette (15)
Clemson (23)
Miami (24)

n-Pittsburgh (25)
at Wake (62)
at Miami (24)

Other thoughts?