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Texas Basketball Rankings: February 4th

After a 1-1 week, the Horns slip some in our weekly look at the rankings.

Associated Press: 12th (10th last week)
Coaches' Poll: 12th (10th last week)
Ken Pomeroy RPI: 11th (14th last week)
Ken Pomeroy Ratings: 21st (19th last week)
ESPN Bracketology: #4 seed (#3 seed last week)
Sagarin: 13th in Elo Chess (11th last week) (winning margin doesn’t matter) and 26th Predictor (23rd last week) (pure points and best indicator).

The Horns currently stand at 17-4 overall and 4-2 in conference but three of their next four are on the road, including both games this week. 3-1 would be fantastic over the next two weeks. 2-2 would be acceptable.