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Signing Day Eve: Final Darrell Scott Thoughts

Mikey's doing a nice job keeping tabs on all the latest rumors over in the Diaries, but let's start this off with an email from Edward P:

PB, what's the latest you're hearing on Scott? What is your source saying on the situation?

I have no update, because I haven't talked to the only person I know who provides me with reliable information. I've not been able to reach him since last week when he told me that Scott to Texas was "going to happen."

Does his silence mean anything? I have no idea. I do know that making sure I'm in the loop is pretty low on his priority ladder, so I'm in sit-and-wait mode like everyone else.

We talked a bit last week about how the family pressure would be heavy on Scott as signing day neared, but there's something else that should be noted as the hysteria surrounding kids like Scott and Terrelle Pryor peaks: college football recruiting has become Big, Big Business.

Start with the kid himself. A lot of these big name kids have adults in their lives who are directing their recruitment like a business transaction. The more hype surrounds the kid, the stronger his brand entering college. Branding may seem like an odd concept to apply to amateur athletes, but these top prospects begin building their pro portfolios as early as they can.

Additionally, there are more and more peripheral moneymakers in the recruiting game these days. For example, documentary teams now follow these kids around, chronicling their paths to stardom, hoping to find the right story to sell.

And then there are the pay-for-content networks like Rivals and Scout, both of whom have an enormous monetary interest in pumping up the hype in recruiting. It's become a soap opera for men, with updates every half hour on everything from the tone in Scott's voice on the phone to the latest rumor that he didn't wash his hands after peeing. (Is this a sign that he's made a decision? That he doesn't want to wash his hands for fear he'll feel metaphorically cleansed, i.e. right back where he started, not sure which school to attend??!? We're not sure, but we'll get back to you with another update in fifteen minutes. Refresh the browser! Renew the subscription! You need this information!)

This isn't to say there aren't reasons to subscribe to a premium content site like Orangebloods or InsideTexas; they provide lots of useful information and scouting reports on incoming players we want to know about.

But all this back-and-forth insanity is as much a part of a booming business as it is something worth investing too much of your life in. Recruiting matters - a lot - but knowing every rumor along the way does not. Talking about the class your coach signed is important. Knowing the moment each player makes his decision is not. If the soap opera entertains you - bully for you. Hey, entertainment's the name of the game. I waste time on all sorts of useless crap.

But with all that in mind, I offer three final thoughts as we head in to signing day:

1. Don't be surprised about Scott to UT or CU. At this point, he may be the only one who actually knows where he's headed. If you've invested yourself emotionally in his recruitment, perhaps prepare yourself for the worst. You'll be that much happier if he signs with the 'Horns.

2. Enjoy the show, but don't forget it's a show. As discussed above, this is a circus. Right down to it being a show for the audience. Get into it and enjoy it all you like. Just don't lose it when the show ends. Segments of either Texas' or Colorado's fanbase tomorrow are going to totally, totally embarrass themselves.

3. Evaluate the class as a whole. One player does not a class make. Filling needs and getting the right kids for your system is as important as the stars behind their names.

4. A prediction. No sources or rumors, just straight from the gut: Darrell Scott chooses Texas tomorrow.