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Texas at Oklahoma Open Game Day Thread

Texas and Oklahoma hit the hardwood tonight at 6:00 p.m. CST on ESPN2.

Game comments here. Excellent game preview here.

AW: My two cents. OU is a lot like A&M: solid half-court defense, phsycial forwards, and serviceable guards. To be honest, I don't like this matchup for the Horns.

Blake Griffin is probably the second best freshman in the country conference and appears to be fully healthy. Longar Longhar is much improved over last season and will be difficult to shoot over in the paint. Austin Johnson, Tony Crocker, and David Godbolt can all knock down the long ball.

OU’s post players are more skilled and present tremendous matchup problems for the Horns. If Barnes elects to play man and starts Justin Mason at the small forward spot, OU will have an enormous size advantage at the forward spots. Please, play zone. If OU beats us from the perimeter, so be it. I just won’t be able to watch Blake Griffin going off on the low block against man-to-man defense.

On offense, DJ Augustin will have a quickness advantage and should be able to get into the lane. His decision making once he gets there will be key. AJ Abrams and Justin Mason should be free for some open looks from three and Connor Atchley, Gary Johnson, and Damion James will need to be ready to finish off the pass.

If you like up and down, finesse basketball, don’t tune in for this one. It should be a war. The Sooners are favored by 2-3 points by most books and Pomeroy predicts a 70-68 OU victory, for what its worth it.