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Texas Basketball Report 2.9

What happens the week before Jamaal Charles' eruption against Nebraska? PB calls out the tailback. And what happens the week after I turn up the heat on AJ Abrams? He rediscovers his game: 42 points, 6 assists, 5 steals, 6 rebounds, and 8-18 three point shooting in back-to-back wins over Baylor and Oklahoma.

This column is generally reserved for wonky stat-based analysis of the team, but I think I'm on to something here, don't you?

So let's roll with it.

Hey DJ - when I was seven years old my Dad taught me how to pass into the post with a guy in my face. You don't even have to reach and bounce pass - just zing the damn ball right past his ear. He won't block it with his face and doesn't have time to get his hands up. If you make it work once, your defender will never be the same. That bounce pass will be right there for ya... (Seven years old.)

And Connor? You may be one of the best pure shot blockers I've ever seen play at Texas, but you need to muscle up and hold your ground better. Think Sumo.

As for you, Damion? No one's happier with the development in your mid-range game than I, but try not to forget you can leap out of the gym. You might wanna use that athletic ability to drive to the hoop a little more. I hear the NBA likes it.

Ah, and our friend Justin Mason... Does it feel good to remember you're a good basketball player? On both sides of the court? Don't think so much out there, man. This ain't calculus.

And you, AJ? You saw how Jamaal Charles finished his season. We're cool here, right?

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