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Some Random Baseball Musings

After digesting yesterday's game, these are some thoughts that come to mind:

  1. Why is Preston Clark swinging so much on 3-0 counts? Clearly Augie's giving him the green light, but has he put a 3-0 pitch in play yet?
  1. Is Kyle Walker done for the year in meaningful games? Last night would have been a great opportunity to get Walker an inning or two, but Augie went with the newbies he seems to trust more.
  1. Why is Kyle Russell pressing so much? Batting .273 with 1 HR through 14 games, what happened to the guy who tore it up last year?
  1. Who's the long term closer? Our money's on Stayton Thomas, but the bullpen depth is exciting.
  1. Who is the Sunday starter? Austin Wood and Kenn Kasparek seem to have the Friday and Saturday starter roles sown up, but is Cole Green the Sunday answer?
  1. Finally, who's the answer in left field? We like Kevin Keyes a lot, but Kyle Lusson has been getting the starts of late.