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2008 Big XII Helmet Schedule

Bumped. Many thanks, jc25...

After seeing the Pac-10 and SEC versions, I decided to waste an unnecessary amount of time creating the 2008 Big XII Helmet Schedule.

Just for added touch, I changed the helmets for each of the last games of the year (generally a rivalry game) to a helmet from the team's past. Obviously I'm not too versed in each team's favorite retro helmet, so I used best discretion trying for differing color and/or logo; for example, I pulled the '69-'71 helmet for the Baylor Bears. Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica.

Note: You can also see the large image version by clicking on the image or download the Excel version by clicking here. Helmets and schedules thankfully pulled from Excelsior!

Update [2008-3-12 18:9:48 by HornsFan]: Community work at its finest, as BoddickerIsClutch has taken JC's spreadsheets and taken them high res:

I wanted a higher resolution version, so I created some from your spreadsheet.

If anyone wants higher res, without going through the trouble yourself:

Managable Higher Res
(800k around 2000x1000)

Or the big daddy:

The Big Daddy
(6megs around 6000x3000)

Thanks for the original JC.