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Thursday Open Thread

Life ain't always fair... Like when you've got a freaking midterm exam on one of the most exciting basketball days of the whole year. Yeah, yeah, I signed up for this.

For those lucky enough not to be imprisoned by obligations, here's today's schedule (televised games only):


Big 12 Tournament
Oklahoma State-Texas Tech, 11:30 AM, ESPN2
Colorado-Baylor, 1:00 PM, ESPNU (ESPN Plus in B12 markets)
Missouri-Nebraska, 6:00 PM, ESPN Plus
Iowa State-Texas A&M, 8:30 PM, ESPN2

Update [2008-3-13 12:33:57 by HornsFan]: My feature article on Big 12 bubble teams is up at Basketball Prospectus.

Big East Tournament
Villanova-Georgetown, 11:00 AM, ESPN
West Virginia-Connecticut, 1:30 PM, ESPN
Pittsburgh-Louisville, 6:00 PM, ESPN
Marquette-Notre Dame, 8:30 PM, ESPN

ACC Tournament
Florida State-Wake Forest, 11:00 AM, ESPN Full Court
NC State-Miami, 1:00 PM, ESPN Full Court
Virginia-Georgia Tech, 6:00 PM, ESPN
Boston College-Maryland, 8:00, ESPN Full Court

Big 10 Tournament
Illinois-Penn State, 1:30 PM, ESPN2
Northwestern-Minnesota, 4:00 PM, ESPN2