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Does Anyone Want to Make the Tournament?

For the first time since I've started following the field of 65 closely, there simply aren't 65 worthy teams. There are about 55 teams that should be in the tournament and another 20 or so that wouldn't make the field in previous years, but 10 of them will see their names this Sunday.

Aside, I hate it when the ESPN pudits simply say 'in' or 'out'. That is not enough. You have to build a field of 65. You can't simply say that everyone of these questionable teams is out. They can't all be out. Joe Lunardi does build a field each day on but the television guys don't ever mention who the 65 teams are. They just say 'in' or 'out', and that is not constructive at all.

Take a look at how the bubble teams did this afternoon and this evening. Just about every team on the bubble today did the same thing. They lost.

Big East
Villanova 82, Syracuse 63 (Wed)
Georgetown 82, Villanova 63

Alabama 80, Florida 69
Georgia 97, Mississippi 95

Boston College 71, Maryland 68

Colorado 91, Baylor 84

Pac 10
Southern Cal 59, Arizona St. 55
Washington State 75, Oregon 70

Conference USA
Tulsa 78, UAB 69
UTEP 80, Houston 77

Atlantic 10
Xavier 74, Dayton 65
Charlotte 69, UMass 65

Update [2008-3-14 9:53:33 by awiggo]:
Mountain West
Utah 82, New Mexico 80

Does anyone want to make the tournament? Ohio State, Kansas State, and Virginia Tech will have their opportunities to fall flat tomorrow.

In mid-major conferences, Virginia Commonwealth, South Alabama, and St. Mary's all lost in their conference tournaments earlier in the week. Their at-large bids are now very questionable.

There were a few teams that helped themselves today: Texas A&M, West Virgina, Miami, Temple, UNLV, and St. Joe's among them.