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Live From Kansas City, Report #1

Hi there BONers--this is Abram of 40AS. I'm half the duo that generally posts as 40AS, but this weekend I am in Kansas City for the Big XII Tourney and Jeff is not. So I'm making an executive decision to post in first person singular rather than plural, as is our custom; sorry if anyone dislikes me and/or singular form.

I have attended the SEC Tournament for the past two years, and will be reporting on this experience from the perspective of what it's like to be a fan here live--you guys can get far better basketball analysis from awiggo and plenty of others. My main hypothesis is that, especially in KC, Kansas fans are to the Big XII what Kentucky fans are (most years) to the SEC; they will dominate the crowd at all sessions, and if their team unexpectedly loses early the arena will be sparsely populated from that moment on.

If anyone has any specific items about the Tourney experience you'd like information on, let me know in the comments section.  I don't really know what context in which that would be necessary--maybe you're thinking about attending in the future, or maybe you're just curious.

For now, I can tell you we sold our tickets to today's sessions and will enter the Sprint Center for the first time tomorrow morning for the Texas-OSU game at 11:30.  I'm looking forward to it because I see it as an opportunity for the Horns to make a major statement with a dominant performance against a team they struggled with only days ago. But first I'll be joining Texas Pom and the cheerleaders at the pep rally on Grand Street--hope to see some of you there.