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Conference Tournament Friday

Lots of great basketball today. Someone mentioned this already, but there are more games today than there will be on any day from this point forward—more games today than next Thursday or Friday.

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Big 10 Tournament
Michigan vs. Wisconsin 11 am ESPN Wisconsin wins 51-34.
Ohio St. vs. Michigan St. 1:30 pm ESPN Michigan St. wins 67-60.
Illinois vs. Purdue 5:30 pm Illinois wins 74-67.
Minnesota vs. Indiana 8:00 pm Minnesota wins 59-58.

ACC Tournament
Florida State vs. North Carolina 11 am ESPN2 Carolina wins 82-70.
Miami vs. Virginia Tech 1:30 pm ESPN2 Virginia Tech wins 63-49.
Georgia Tech vs. Duke 6:00 pm ESPN2 Duke wins 82-70.
Boston College vs. Clemson 8:30 pm ESPN2 Clemson wins 82-48.

Big XII Tournament
Oklahoma State vs. Texas 11:30 am ESPNU & ESPN+ Texas wins 66-59.
Colorado vs. Oklahoma 2:00 pm Oklahoma wins 54-49.
Nebraska vs. Kansas 6:00 pm ESPN+ Kansas wins 64-54.
Texas A&M vs. Kansas St. 8:20 pm ESPN+ Texas A&M wins 63-60.

SEC Tournament
South Carolina vs. Tennessee 12 pm Tennessee wins 89-87.
Vanderbilt vs. Arkansas 2:15 pm Arkansas wins 81-75.
Alabama vs. Mississippi St. 6:30 pm Miss State wins 69-67 after tornado delay.
Georgia vs. Kentucky 8:45 pm Postponed.

Big East Tournament
West Virginia vs. Georgetown 6:00 pm ESPN Georgetown wins 72-55
Marquette vs. Pittsburgh 8:00 pm ESPN Pittsburgh wins 68-61.

Pac 10 Tournament
USC vs. UCLA 8:00 pm Fox Sports UCLA wins 57-54.
Stanford vs. Washington State 10:30 pm Fox Sports Stanford wins 75-68