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Texas-OU Game Watch in Washington DC

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I'm in Washington DC this weekend to celebrate the launch of a book I edited while I was working here a couple years back. For any DC area readers: Wells, BZ, and I are going to be getting together to watch the Texas game tomorrow.

We plan to be at the 'Grand Slam' sports bar in the bottom level of the Grand Hyatt, located at 10th and H. If you plan on coming and want my cell phone ahead of time, email me. Double check BON for a venue change before you leave, but I think that's where we're headed.

As for today's contest against OSU, I liked what I saw overall. I didn't think the game was nearly as close as the score indicated, and my only real complaint was that we didn't do a great job cutting off dribble penetration today. Other than that, I was impressed with the effort and thought everyone played good basketball. Even the guys who weren't shooting well (Connor, AJ) gave Texas great minutes in other ways. I saw solid play from WingMan and Gary (pre-injury), with the team as a whole executing the things that Rick Barnes clearly had them focused upon. We worked the ball inside well, rotated beautifully on the perimeter on defense, and did a fabulous job making life hard for OSU's only good ball handler (Eaton). Great game plan today from Rick.

As for tomorrow, OU's a matchup I generally like, mostly because their guards struggle enormously to stay in front of ours. In each of the first two meetings, DJ's had his way with penetration, and I think our team as a whole can do a lot in transition against this Sooner squad.

Hope to see some of y'all tomorrow.