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NCAA Projected Seeds: March 15th

My final take on the top seeds is going to have to come before the Sunday finals. I have a previous engagement that will keep me away from a computer. Hopefully, I’ll be able to find a television. The brackets will be announced on CBS at 5 pm.

They are listed by strength within each seed as well.

No. 1: North Carolina, Memphis, UCLA, Kansas/Texas winner
No. 2: Tennessee, Texas/Kansas loser, Georgetown, Duke
No. 3: Stanford, Wisconsin, Louisville, Xavier
No. 4: Pittsburgh, Drake, UConn, Notre Dame

Next Four: Butler, Michigan State, Clemson, Indiana

If I had to guess on the #1 and #2 by region:
South: Memphis and *Texas/Kansas loser
Midwest: Texas/Kansas winner and Tennessee
East: North Carolina and Georgetown
West: UCLA and Duke

*I am not advocating losing the Big XII tourney finals. I am merely pointing out a possible scenario. Another scenario could send the winner to the South as the #1 and the loser to Midwest as the #2. Another scenario could have the loser heading to the West as a #2, so that Duke and Georgetown could stay in the East and South.

Big 12 Bids (6)
Lock: Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma
Likely: Kansas State (RPI 50, Strength of Schedule 28), Texas A&M (RPI 41, Strength of Schedule 58)
Bubble: Baylor (RPI 43, Strength of Schedule 43)

**RPI and Strength of Schedule numbers do not include Saturday's games.