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Morning Coffee Loves March

You get the feeling Rick relishes this... Win two games and Texas will find itself playing in front of a very friendly Houston audience. That won't be the case this weekend, however, when Texas visits Little Rock. As already mentioned in the diaries, Rick Barnes is had some fun with reporters in teasing Razorback nation, joking that "If the fans don't treat us well, we're not going to come. You can put that out there. I'm serious. We've got enough money here, we can buy our way out of it. [Little Rock fans] had better be good to us.''

One more Rick Barnes quote to add to the vault. Is there anyone left who dislikes the guy?

Depth a concern? The DMN's Kate Hairopolous (whoa) writes in a chat with readers that Texas' depth is the big concern heading into the tournament:

I love Texas' starting five, but I really worry about its depth in a tournament environment. And Stanford, Pitt and Memphis are awfully good. If the Horns advance, D.J. Augustin and A.J. Abrams get more help, and the bench play improves.

What's the suggestion here? That Texas will tire? Or that Texas needs bench players to play more/better? Or both?

Doesn't matter much to me, as I disagree with both points. On the issue of tiring, two games in two three days (with a four day break in between) isn't grueling like the three games/three days setting of the conference tournament. As for bench depth, having a 9 or 10 man rotation is only as useful as the ninth and tenth players are good. What's more important is having depth of quality, which Texas has. We've seen Texas win with Augustin slumping, with James slumping, with Connor slumping, and with Abrams slumping. Texas is by no means a one-man show.

Getting to the Final Four isn't going to have nearly as much to do with our bench as it's going to depend on whether our starting five are on top of their games. At our best, we're near unbeatable.

Hold off, Houston. The excitement surounding Texas' placement in the Houston Regional is understandable, but both Rick Barnes and the team are doing their best not to talk about it.

Though the match ups look favorable, I must admit it's hard not to think about. Actually, the real challenge is thinking about losing on either Friday or Sunday. Talk about devastating.

As suspected. Back in February I speculated that a graph plotting likelihood of success against a football prospect's star rating would result in a non-linear graph. SMQ has taken a closer look and confirms the intuition.

Coach YouTube. Chatting with Orson this morning, led to this exchange:

Orson: Go watch the video of Muschamp in the CI this am.
PB: Ooooh
Orson: And then go run through a wall
PB: I want to play football for that man. Or fight a war. Something.
Orson: He's such a fucking technician. What he did to Florida in the second half of the 2006 Auburn game was just brilliant
PB: Refresh my memory.
Orson: We had over 200 yards of offense and averaged 10 yards a play in the first half. We didn't have a first down in the second half.
PB: What are these "adjustments" you speak of? Like, coaches make changes between one half and the next? This is foreign.
Orson: You'll find out.