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NCAA Projected Seeds: March 2nd

Tomorrow begins the final week of the regular season. There are still probably seven teams vying for the four #1 seeds. While there is almost no chance that two ACC teams will earn #1’s, if the season ended today, they would.

The Pac-10 and Big East tournaments begin Wednesday March 12th. The ACC, SEC, Big 10, and Big XII tournaments begin Thursday March 13th. Selection Sunday is March 16th.  

They are listed by strength within each seed as well.

No. 1: Tennessee, Memphis, Duke, North Carolina
No. 2: UCLA, Texas, Kansas, Xavier
No. 3: Georgetown, UConn, Louisville, Wisconsin
No. 4: Stanford, Notre Dame, Indiana, Purdue

Next Four: Vanderbilt, Drake, Marquette, Butler

Big 12 Bids (5)
Lock: Texas, Kansas
Likely: Kansas State (RPI 43, Strength of Schedule 13), Oklahoma (RPI 30, Strength of Schedule 8)
Bubble: Baylor (RPI 33, Strength of Schedule 41), Texas A&M (RPI 46, Strength of Schedule 72),