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On Why We're Not Aggies: YouTube Edition!

Inspired by 54b's discovery of a great treasure trove of golden Aggie nuggets,* I'm back with another, less "think-y" edition of Why We're Not Aggies.  This edition: YouTube!  Enjoy, you embedded video lovers, you.

"Yell Leading" looks way more like interpretive dance:

American Idol douchebag Jason Castro is an Aggie:

More YouTubery after the jump.

Uh, you have a double dutch jump-rope squad? comment:

You release "outtakes" from your yell leader campaign video that makes you and all your friends appear certifiably retarded....and that's actually an INCENTIVE for people to vote for you!
[Favorite parts: the man-hug and the squirrel on the grass.  Someone get that squirrel and make him do pushups!]

Raise Up, B/CS:
[Most of you have already seen this, but it's also the greatest thing ever in the history of things that are great, so watch it again and enjoy.]

And finally, OUR basketball team can actually hold a lead against UCLA:

*"Golden Aggie nuggets"?  WTF am I talking about?  I don't know what that even means.  Whatever they are, I would advise against touching them though.