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Morning Coffee Is Game Day

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A few quick notes before I head out for the day.

Programming note. I'll be without computer access throughout much of the day. With AW heading to Houston, this may be it until game time. Many of you are heading to Reliant yourselves, but for those around a computer, there will be an Open Thread this evening. I'll personally be out at a sports bar, to avoid having to watch the game on MMOnDemand.

Did you know we're a football school? Just in case you weren't sure, Texas Sports reminds us on Sweet 16 morning by making its lead story the Spring Scrimmage tomorrow. You won't meet many bigger Texas football fans than I, but that's just sad...

Reliant is a large stadium. If you're in Houston, you can still go to the game, as a limited number of tickets remain available as of this morning. If you haven't seen yet, Reliant is expirimenting with an elevated playing floor set up. For the first time in one of these giant football fields, the basketball court will be at the 50-yard line, instead of down at one of the end zones. The playing floor will be elevated, with players taking stairs up to the court.

Quick Hits. ESPN's talking heads generally favor Texas... Statistically, there's hardly any separation between Texas and Stanford... The Chronicle on tonight's Houston crowd.