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2007 College Football Blogger Award Presentation: Best Community

The voting is finished and it's time to present this year's College Football Blogger Awards. Where possible, last year's winner, ineligible to win this year, will be presenting the award to this year's winner. Please check in at Rocky Top Talk and EDSBS for a schedule of all the awards to be presented over the next two days.

The next award presentation - for "Best Audio" - will be in one hour at Rocky Top Talk


2007 Nominees

Blue Gray Sky

Bruins Nation

Every Day Should Be Saturday


The M Zone


2007 RUNNER UP: Every Day Should Be Saturday

Such a colorful writer is bound to attract a worthy commentariat, and this is no exception. Especially if you're an SEC football fan, there's simply no better online lounge.

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2007 WINNER: Bruins Nation

Perhaps the defining feature of SB Nation blogs is the amount of reader participation they facilitate, and nowhere is that more evident than at this year's winner, Bruins Nation. The 'Diaries' section is a constantly updating amalgam of Bruins news and opinion, the quality of which is so strong that many community-authored stories are immediately promoted to the front page.

Beyond that, the Bruins Nation community is just an especially tight-knit group who've used their collective voice to rally together around sports stories of great importance to Bruins fans. Be it a quest to get rid of the football coach or just good old fashioned rival hating, Bruins Nation remains one of the most active, vocal, and impassioned groups of fans around.

Congratulations to all of this year's nominees, and to our two winners.