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Second Half Open Thread

39-28 bad guys at the break. We're absolutely moving to a new open thread, in an effort to start as clean as the Longhorns need to in the second half.

Among the (many) problems in the first half:

  • Opening in man to man defense? Great way to fall behind by 10 early.
  • Their athleticism on defense is overwhelming us. Have we finally passed the more field goals:turnover threshold?
  • Sending two guys to the offensive glass? Bad, bad idea.

We've got to change the dynamic of this game. Slow things down, be more deliberate on offense, be much, much more physical and assertive with our ball handling. We've lost a handful of 'almost turnovers' already, just because Memphis is more physical.

Not looking good, but we're within 11. No giving up.

Let's go...