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Christmas in July

So I was thinking about how busy I am right now, and I thought, "Oh what a relief Summer will be!"  Then I thought, "Oh, crap!  Summer means no sports!  No baseball, basketball, or even... anything!"  That's where you guys come in...

In an effort to reduce offseason-fever, and thus save countless lives, consider this post your Offseason Stat-Dump Wishlist.  Anything you've always wondered about but never had the time (or geekiness) to crunch the numbers on?  Well, that's like my job, man, so dream your little hearts out.

Don't limit yourselves, here.  When the last Longhorn is tagged out (or hopefully crosses the plate, but, whatever), you're going to be licking the pages of last year's Eyes of Texas or your favorite lucky T-shirt for that last ounce of sports-talk like Amy Winehouse after a two song set at the Grammys.  Every suggestion you bring forth here is potentially ten to twenty more minutes of talking about the Longhorns, or just sports in general, before the dog days of July and August set in, and you start forming plots on Bill Little's life.

Give me all the particulars on your suggestions:  What stats you want, over what time period, what teams you want analyzed, and what info you hope to drag out of the numbers, etc.  The more you tell me, the less I have to come up with, which for me, like 54b, is always a good thing.

Go crazy now, or you'll go crazy later!

--Horn Brain--