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What's at stake - Part II

Isn't it wild that going into the last weekend of Big XII play, not one Big XII tourney seed had been locked up. With four games in the books this weekend and two to go, only K-State (3), OU (4), Baylor (5) and A&M (6) know their seeding for sure. So what's at stake with today's games...more than you might expect:

Here we go yo, here we go yo, so what's the, what's the scenario...

  1. If UT wins, they get the #1 seed. If they lose, then KU gets it.
  1. If OSU wins, they get the 7th seed.
  1. If OSU loses and Nebraska wins, then it gets really weird as they'll each have 7-9 records along with Tech and honestly, I'm not sure how you break up that tie. As far as the head to heads go...Tech split with OSU, OSU beat Nebraska, and Nebraska beat Tech.
  1. If Nebraska loses and OSU loses, I believe Tech will take the 7th seed over OSU who will get the 8th because of Tech's quality division win over Texas.
  1. Also, if Nebraka loses, they will have the same conf. record as Mizzou but get jumped by Mizzou who has a better North Division record.
  1. As if that wasn't enough, if CU beats Nebraska, they will jump ISU for the 11th seed because they will have the same conf. record as ISU and a better North Division record than ISU.

Looking at it from UT's perspective regarding easiest path to the Big XII conf. title...

A) If UT wins today and secures the #1 seed...we'd get the winner of the 8-9 game that could very well be either Tech, Nebraska or OSU, the last 3 teams we faced in the regular season(fun!). Get by that game, and we'd most likely get the winner of the 4-5 which should be either Baylor or OU.

B) If UT loses today and get the #2 seed...we'd get the winner of the 7-10 game which will most likely be OSU for the second time in less than a week (fun-fun!). Get by that one and we'd get the winner of the 3-6 game which will most likely be K-State or A&M.

Obviously, I'd like to see UT win today and get the #1 seed as well as a share of the conf. regular season title. As for the easiest path to the conf. tourney title, I'd like to get Tech on Friday (exorcise the loss demon and they don't play well at all on the road). Then on Saturday, let's go with OU again (they don't have an answer for Augustin and our front court can frustrate theirs). That gets us to Sunday where I've got to think we'll meet KU again for the 3rd year in a row (their depth is crazy and will be tough to beat given we'll be playing 3 games in 3 days, but at least UT is well-conditioned).