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Big XII Tourney: Early Look

No doubt we'll have much more on the Big XII Tournament as the week progresses, but I've been breaking down the seeding all weekend and figure we might as well get an early look...

First off, besides Texas securing the #1 seed, Nebraska was the big winner today and the biggest mover. With a loss today, they would have been seeded 10th, instead, the Corn winds up the 7th seed even though they have the same conf. records as OSU and Tech. I'm still looking for confirmation as to why they got the nod, but I believe the tie-breaker was overall record.

On to the match-ups...


Game 1, 11:30, #8 Texas Tech vs. #9 Oklahoma State

Early look: The two teams split the regular season meetings both winning at home. The last time they met was over a month ago. Neither team comes into the tourney with much momentum, but OSU has been playing a little better of late. I'd probably give the edge to OSU as they are a little better on the road and no doubt Sean Sutton is feeling the heat from the fans in Stillwater. Don't know that his job is at stake, but an early exit won't help.

Friday's Opponent: #1 Texas (Game 5, 11:30)

Game 2, 2:00, #5 Baylor vs. #12 Colorado

Early look: Baylor took the regular season contest rather convincingly up in Boulder. The Bears got their wake-up call recently losing at home to A&M and no doubt Scott Drew will press hard for another comfortable win not wanting to give the committee any reason to burst the Bear's Dance bubble. Edge to Baylor.

Friday's Opponent: #4 OU (Game 6, 2:00)

Game 3, 6:00, #7 Nebraska vs. #10 Missouri

Early look: The two teams split the regular season match-ups winning on each other's home courts. They last met about 3 weeks ago, Nebraska winning an OT thriller in Columbia. My edge goes to Nebraska who's played a lot better over the second-half of the season but with neither team having realistic post-season aspirations and KU awaiting the winner, it easily could go either way.

Friday's Opponent: #2 Kansas (Game 7, 6:00)

Game 4, 8:30, #6 Texas A&M vs. #11 Iowa State

Early look: The Aggies won the regular season in a walk in Ames. Like Baylor, A&M will be pushing hard for the win knowing one and maybe even two wins in the conf. tourney may be necessary to punch their ticket to the Dance. Edge: A&M

Friday's Opponent: #3 Kansas State (Game 8, 8:20)

From a BONer perspective: Can't ever argue with being awarded the #1 seed. Knowing we'll either be playing OSU or Tech for the second time in as many weeks isn't all that enticing, but neither of those teams have any real post-season aspirations and no doubt the winner will be tired after a hotly contested game while we come in on four-days rest.

Win on Friday and we'll likely get OU on Saturday. I like how we match up with the Sooners as they don't seem to have an answer for Augustin and I'd much rather play OU than K-State (and the Beasley factor) right now. Plus, if KU and K-State meet in the semifinals, that should be a pretty intense game for both, the winner being somewhat emotionally spent if we should meet them in the final. All in all, I think we've got the easiest path to the finals and I like our chances.