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NCAA Projected Seeds: March 9th

The regular season has concluded, and the #1 seeds are staring to emerge. The #2’s are also pretty clear, but beyond that, it’s very murky. Seven of my top 16 teams from last Sunday lost during the week, and one of them, Stanford, lost twice.

The Pac-10 and Big East tournaments begin Wednesday March 12th. The ACC, SEC, Big 10, and Big XII tournaments begin Thursday March 13th. Selection Sunday is March 16th.  

They are listed by strength within each seed as well.

No. 1: Tennessee, Memphis, North Carolina, UCLA
No. 2: Duke, Texas, Kansas, Georgetown
No. 3: Xavier, Wisconsin, Louisville, UConn
No. 4: Notre Dame, Indiana, Stanford, Drake

Next Four: Vanderbilt, Butler, Purdue, BYU

Big 12 Bids (6)
Lock: Texas, Kansas, Kansas State, Oklahoma
Likely: Baylor (RPI 34, Strength of Schedule 29)
Bubble: Texas A&M (RPI 47, Strength of Schedule 57, 3-6 vs. top 50, 5-5 in last 10)

A&M needs to win at least their Thursday game in the Big XII tourney. They may also need to win on Friday depending on how some of the other conference tournaments go. The Aggies need to root for Xavier, Memphis, Gonzaga/St. Mary's, Kent State, Butler, and Davidson.