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John Chiles A "Suspect" In MLK Blvd Incident

From the Daily Texan sports blog:

Longhorns backup quarterback John Chiles is a suspect in an assault-by-conduct under investigation by the Austin Police Department, according to the department’s pubic information officer.

Though the case is currently under investigation by APD, the department’s PIO did confirm that Chiles is a suspect in the case, which reportedly occurred at 2:45 a.m. on Friday. The police report filed said the alleged assault occurred on Martin Luther King Blvd, though it didn’t say what area of Austin, according to the PIO.

The PIO also said the detective working the case, which is a class C misdemeanor, may not get to the case until next week.

A Longhorn official said the team is aware of the situation but will have no comment unless charges are filed against Chiles.

All I can say on this one is: hold off on passing any judgment here. There was a complaint about a minor incident. John Chiles is alleged to have been there and/or been a part of it. The rest of the details are hazy.