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Etiquette at the Kill...

Texas' newest freshman recruiting class participated in the dining etiquette portion of the embarrassingly-titled life-skills program that Mack Brown has had in place since he arrived in 1998 (Anyone else surprised that this isn't a holdover from that wino, Mackovic?).

Take from that what you will, but I simply must point out my personal favorite quote from TE Blaine Irby:

"It's a great opportunity for all of us because I know most of us growing up never had something like this, so it was helpful for us to learn proper etiquette," noted Irby. "My mom and grandma used to teach me a lot of stuff growing up, but I definitely learned a lot of new stuff. I was sitting with Coach (Bobby) Kennedy and Coach (Will) Muschamp, so I learned some from them, too."

emphasis mine

Click through for my comment in pictorial form:

Polite means you wait your damn turn!