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Morning Coffee Makes A Cameo

Wake me when it's August... I've not particularly enjoyed pausing BON writing to prepare for exams and finish the football annual. On the bright side, though, there's been nothing of interest in the news. This happens every year, of course, and it's always-always a struggle to find enough to talk about. Just a heads up: this summer we're going to loosen the content standards and drift Off Topic whenever we damn please.

Oh, to be 16 again. Reading this blurb about VY's summer football camp for 8 to 16 year old kids inspired a rare moment when I wished I was back in high school. Of course, the fact that I still pee my pants for Vince Young probably says I'm a lot closer to 16 than 28 in terms of maturity, anyway.

Roy Williams to Cowboys? The Statesman's Cedric Golden speculates on a Roy Williams trade to the Dallas Cowboys. The 26 year old receiver is entering the final year of his contract with the Detroit Lions, who invested $30 million this past season on rookie wide receiver Calvin Johnson. Would they really pay Johnson and Williams #1 receiver money? It doesn't seem likely, so Golden's right - a trade actually makes a good deal of sense here unless Detroit plans to franchise Williams for '09.

Beasley to the NBA. No surprise here, but Michael Beasley announced on Monday he will enter this summer's NBA Draft. Beasley and Memphis' Derrick Rose figure to be the top two selections.

Augustin to stay? There's a lot of buzz right now that Texas point guard DJ Augustin is struggling tremendously with the decision of whether or not to return for his junior season. I don't know anyone close enough to the situation to offer any insight as to how this might ultimately play out, but every indication from people in the know suggests Augustin is sitting right on the 50-50 fence.

Should you get your hopes up? Who knows, but I will say this: the situation is not the same as Kevin Durant's, where $30 million in shoe contract money and a top two selection were guarantees. With DJ, he's looking at a selection as high as #10 and low as #25 and no monstrous guaranteed endorsement deals.

For now, it's wait and see.

Site News. Mark your calendars for May 8th, when BON will launch into 2.0. To get an idea of what the new site will look like, start here or check out any of SB Nation's baseball blogs. For the change averse, I'm sure there will be some handwringing, but the basics will be the same, with the overall site features improved drastically. (e.g. Comments refresh automatically, making open game day threads outstanding fun.) More on this as we get a little closer.

Back to the grind... Frighteningly, this isn't too far off from my life right now: