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Change Is Coming! Like, Sooner Than We Thought!

SB Nation is upgrading all its sites to the slick new 2.0 version you can see at sites like Athletics Nation or Lone Star Ball. The college sites are all scheduled to upgrade in the middle of May, a timetable that was absolutely untenable for me for the same reasons I'm on writing hiatus right now.

But as SBN can't hold the upgrade until June, we're going to go ahead and do the makeover on Sunday.

Readers who comment will want to 'claim' their blog account by registering with SBN, a process which will allow you to retain your comment and diary history from BON, and give you a screen name that you can use to be a contributing member at any SBN sites.

You can wait for the upgrade at BON or head over to one of the already upgraded sites and go through the quick registration process.

Once we're launched, we can all explore the new toys together. The feedback from readers in other communities has been overwhelmingly positive, so it'll just be a matter of getting used to the new system. By the time football season rolls around, we'll all have forgotten there was even a change.