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DJ Augustin Close to a Decision

According to Joseph Duarte of the Houston Chronicle, DJ Augustin is close to declaring for the NBA draft. Duarte speculates that DJ will not sign with an agent and still could return to Texas.

I have a couple of issues with this article.

Augustin was projected as a lottery pick (among the top 14) early this season before his stock began to plummet in the NCAA Tournament.

That is a bit harsh and a bit simplistic. Derrick Rose made a lot of opponents look silly during Memphis' run to the finals. In my opinion, DJ's stock is not being hurt by his NCAA tournament performance but instead by the number of quality underclassmen who have already declared for the draft.

Which brings me to my second issue with Duarte's post,

That list could grow in the next week with Darren Collison (UCLA) and Eric Gordon (Indiana) expected to enter the draft.

Gordon declared over a week ago and even though he hasn't yet hired an agent, there is almost no chance that Gordon returns to Indiana.

Anyway, the thoughts on indicate that DJ will sit down with his family this week and will likely make an announcement early next week. I still think Augustin declares but I'm less certain now than I was just a few weeks ago.

One last thing to consider. If DJ stays, then the Longhorns will need someone to transfer or move off scholarship in order to sign another player in the 2008 class. With Tyreke Evans committing to Memphis, the top kid on the Longhorns' board is Devin Ebanks, a 6-7 wing player. Ebanks will be in town next weekend for an official visit. He has already visited West Virginia and has a visit scheduled for Memphis in a couple of weeks. Ebanks is probably another one-and-done kid, though.

A couple of sceanrios: 1) DJ stays and Ebanks signs elsewhere; 2) DJ stays, Ebanks signs with the Longhorns, and someone transfers; 3) DJ leaves and Ebanks signs; 4) DJ leaves and Ebanks signs elsewhere and the 'Horns sign Jeff Taylor or possibly nobody.

I'd be fine with any scenario but #1 #4.

DJ's deadline to declare for the NBA draft is April 27th.