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Coming Soon: The Eyes of Texas 2008

Though the project is keeping me from doing much writing for this site, I'm damn pleased with the way this year's football annual is coming together. And if there's not a hell of a lot of news with Texas sports these days, the least I can do is provide an update on what to expect in this year's publication:

2008 Orientation

Offense and Special Teams 101 - A complete roster breakdown and analysis of the Texas offense heading into 2008.

Inside the Texas Offensive Line - A special chapter devoted exclusively to the offensive line, including both an explanation on line technique and a roster breakdown of the '08 Longhorn linemen.

Defense 101 - Same song, different tune - a complete breakdown of the '08 defense.

Meet the New Freshmen - An analysis of each player signed by Mack Brown in the Class of 2008.

Know Thy Enemy - In depth analysis of every opponent on Texas' 2008 schedule.

2008 Road Trip Travel Guide - Hotels, tickets, food, bars, travel... everything you might want to know about each city on the Longhorns' road schedule this year.

The Major Returns - The story of Major Applewhite. How Texas fans came to love him and his journey from a graduate assistant to the Alabama offensive coordinator.

Will Muschamp (1 & 2) - Two full chapters on Texas' new defensive coordinator. First, the biography on one of college football's most interesting and exciting coaches. Then, a statistical breakdown of his defenses in the SEC.

Ten Years Of Mack Brown

Introduction - Ten years of Mack Brown in Austin have provided a lot of highs as well as some notable lows.

Mack Brown Compared to his Peers - How good, exactly, have Mack's ten years in Austin been? A side-by-side with his peers is revealing.

Mack Brown's Tailbacks - A salute to Jamaal Charles in a piece that looks at Mack Brown's best starting tailbacks.

The All-Mack Brown Team - Ten years of players. Who makes the all-time team?

The Top 10 Wins and Losses of Mack Brown at Texas - One of the best chapters of the book, a fascinating stroll down memory lane - both good and bad.

Longhorns History

Longhorns in the NFL - Our annual check up on every Longhorn playing NFL football.

The 1983 Texas Defense -  Perhaps the highlight of the book - a riveting chapter on one of the most fearsome defenses in college football history.

In Memoriam: Rooster Andrews - A Texas legend passes away. A look at his remarkable life.

Ricky Williams, Longhorn Legend - Ricky Williams helped make Mack Brown's first year in Austin a memorable one. This chapter chronicles his turbulent life since that time.

All the Longhorns College Football Would Steal - A walk back through Texas football history to decide which Longhorns players college football fans would steal for their own, had they the chance.