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Miss Me

As hard as it looks.
"A 120-page football annual, full time law school classes, and final exams."

"What is Peter Bean's life, April 1 - May 15, 2008?"

"Correct. Pick again."

"Let's stick with 'Six Weeks Of Hell' and go for $500, Alex."

I just got a terribly discomforting email from the house editor at Maple Street Press informing me that this year's production deadline for The Eyes of Texas 2008 is totally inflexible. On the off chance that you've ever put together an edited book, you know that wrangling finished chapters from contributors on time is a lot like herding cats. At every turn, there's a new fire to put out. Pretty soon, you're tired, behind schedule, and mixing metaphors.

Toss in the not insignificant fact that law school final exams coincide exactly with the deadline for sending this book to press and I've got myself six obscenely busy weeks in front of me.

The upshot? My contributions around these parts will be sparse. Morning Coffee will take a hiatus, and my posting will be limited to here-and-there thoughts as time permits. I'm more grateful than ever to have the 40 Acre Sports guys rockin' the baseball coverage. AW, 54b, Horn Brain, and BZ will certainly jump in as they're able, as well.

In the meantime, keep the good stuff coming in the Diaries. I may not be able to sit down and write much, but I'm refreshing the site as frequently as you are, and always appreciate all the stories and opinions you guys contribute.