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EDSBS LIVE: Mt. Doom Edition


Another Tuesday night, another edition of EDSBS LIVE. Tonight, live from Mt. Doom, with the return of Four Questions.

Four questions about the worst of our fandom.

1. What player spelled doom for your team? Though we're supposed to pick someone from our team... how can I not say Quentin Griffin? (He just scored again. Like, just now.)

2. If you were a player, what would your career-ending injury be?
It'd only take one play, I imagine. Think Joel Klatt. Speaking of...

3. What is the most doomed matchup you’ve ever watched?
Colorado attempting to represent the Big XII North in the 2005 conference championship.

4. Name a doomed thing you love despite yourself.
The San Francisco Giants. Thank God for Grant.

See you at 8:00 at NowLive.

 Tonight's intro, courtesy of Ministry: 4/22 Show Intro