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AAS: DJ Augustin To Declare

The Austin American Statesman is reporting that DJ Augustin will declare for the NBA draft today.  The good news is that they're also reporting he won't hire an agent.  We should have expected as much when even AJ Abrams declared earlier today.  The DMN has some quotes from AJ's dad saying that he needs to play PG next year to prove he has value to NBA teams.  Meanwhile, I'm still trying to read anything I can out of all this.  I'm sure the Texas guards have spoken to each other about this in depth, but whether they have some kind of secret plan together is pure speculation, and dubious at that.  It seems silly to scheme about something when you're not even sure one of you will get an offer to work out.  Just wanted to nip that in the bud (although I probably actually just started it).

Now we've got just that much longer to wait and bite our nails.  I'm expecting some news from DamJam, Damo, or whatever we decided to call him very soon.

[Update by Horn Brain, 04/23/08 12:53 PM CDT ]  Give texasauteur credit for this one, he beat me to it by about 14 minutes.

[Update by Horn Brain, 04/23/08 1:08 PM CDT ]  Now the DMN has an article saying that DJ will be hiring an agent.  Let the newspaper source credibility wars begin.

[Update by Horn Brain, 04/23/08 1:31 PM CDT ]  Rivals agrees ($) with the AAS:  DJ has until June 16 to finalize his decision.  Cross your fingers, BONers.  Is it time for an "I will do X if DJ comes back" thread?