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It's Just Business

On a day when Texas fans should have been offering ten-gallon hat tips to DJ Augustin for two of the most memorable and important years in the program's history, much of the attention was focused elsewhere. Specifically, conversation was diverted away from Augustin and onto AJ Abrams who surprised everyone - from fans to NBA scouts - by making known he was declaring for the draft.

On its face, Abrams declaring isn't objectionable. He has that right and there are justifiable reasons for the move.

But why Tuesday night? Why throw the news out hours before DJ Augustin was about to make his? Why, when the odds of Abrams returning for his senior season are all but guaranteed?

We don't have to guess why, because AJ's father made it perfectly clear for us:

"He's not disgruntled with UT, but this is a business," Andy Abrams said. "He's serious about it."

The elder Abrams believes his son did not receive proper credit for his accomplishments, particularly from the national media.

"This is his daddy saying this, not him, but nationally it was 'D.J. Augustin and the Texas Longhorns,' " Andy Abrams said.


And there you have it. Abrams' timing wasn't coincidental at all. It was a conscious business decision - apparently made in large part by Daddy - to use Augustin's announcement to AJ's advantage.

And hey, maybe over-involved Dad is right; after all, the move had its intended effect.

But at least to this fan, this was bad business of an entirely different sort. And as AW noted in an email last night, it's offensive enough at least to make you pause and wonder whether next year's line up might be better with Ebanks on the wing, anyway.

You hate to think something like that, but... well, apparently the Abrams want AJ to be treated as a commodity.

It's just business, right?