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2008 NFL Draft Open Thread


The 2008 NFL Draft gets under way in 30 minutes. We'll provide updates as Longhorns are drafted. Limas Sweed, Jamaal Charles, Tony Hills, Marcus Griffin, Frank Okam, and Jermichael Finley all have a chance to be selected on Saturday. Derek Lokey, Billy Pittman, and Nate Jones are also draft eligible, but aren't widely projected to be first day selections.

Good luck to all the Longhorns today; here's to hoping they all land in situations where they can shine.

[Note by PB @ BON, 04/26/08 6:51 PM EDT ] Round 1 ends with no Longhorns selected. Interestingly, zero wide receivers were taken in this year's first round of picks.

[Note by PB @ BON, 04/26/08 8:12 PM EDT ] Sweed to the Steelers!!! For this fan, anyway, couldn't ask for anything better. YES!

[Note by PB @ BON, 04/27/08 2:02 PM EDT ] As we move into the fifth round, three 'Horns have been selected on day two: Jamaal Charles (3rd Round, Chiefs), Jermichael Finley (3rd Round, Packers), and Tony Hills (4th Round, Steelers).

[Note by PB @ BON, 04/27/08 2:31 PM EDT ] Frank Okam is selected by the Houston Texans in Round 5.