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Assessing the Lonestar Showdown (Or Why Baseball Matters)


We'll get to a baseball review of KSU tomorrow (hint: Texas took 2 of 3), but before doing that we wanted to give you some startling information.

Texas is losing the Lone Star Showdown. In case you don't know/care, the Lone Star Showdown was put into place in 2004 to gauge Texas domination over Aggy. Texas won the first two years handily and last year by 2 points.

This year Texas finds itself in a terrible hole, down 7.5 to 8 with just 3 points left in play. A&M has used 6 points from women's sports to build its lead, and is likely going to take the second softball meeting and split outdoor track and field with Texas.

That'll put us at 8.5 to 9.5 with only one sport to play: baseball. Hopefully one of the remaining non-baseball sports can surprise us, but if not then our only hope of retaining this meaningless award may be Augie Garrido and Chance Ruffin.