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In the wake of the NFL draft, we thought we’d do our own draft-themed show. Tonight's four questions:

1. Name a player for your school who, once "drafted" by your team, never really panned out. Remember Marquis Johnson, the Parade All-American, five-star recruit from Illinois? You don't? That's because he didn't bother going to class, quickly failing out of UT. (He eventually went to Junior College before transferring to Tech, where he never caught on, picking up 74 total receiving yards in his career.)

[Note by PB @ BON, 04/29/08 10:34 PM EDT ] As noted in the comments, Johnson got hurt before arriving in Austin. I'd completely forgotten about his accident, and just remembered him not making it at UT, but as DrunkArmadillo reminds, he never even academically qualified to make it to campus.

2. Name the most overrated draft pick from your own school. OT Mike Williams, selected fourth by the Buffalo Bills in 2002. A very wealthy man, Mr. Williams soon became a very fat man, ballooning to 370 pounds by 2006. The very definition of a big bust.

3. You get to draft a quality you lack into your life. I really wish I were a better joke/story teller. Think of the person you know who's best at telling a joke. Not necessarily the funniest - just the best at telling jokes and spinning yarns. Don't you wish you were more like him or her? Unfortunately, my delivery is B-. The shame...

(But tune in to my radio show tonight!)

4. Draft something foreign into these United States of ours. Presented without commentary:




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