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Friday Research Challenge

Lots of chatter about the 2009 schedule, which looks like it will feature the weakest non-conference schedule at Texas in some time. It's not completely Deloss Dodds' fault, of course, but it is what it is.

As a fan, it's not an exciting slate of games, but there are some who note that with the team potentially peaking in two years, that might not be such a bad thing. Others, including Wells, have argued in the past that it may actually be smart to schedule a weak non-conference schedule, assuming your goal is to get to the BCS Title game.

So, let's take the following premises, and then ask a couple questions:

  1. Texas will have the talent to contend for the national championship in 2009.
  1. The non-conference schedule, as it currently stands, is such that one loss will make it very difficult for the team to play for the national title.


  1. Among all the teams undefeated heading into their spot in the BCS Title game, did any feature a cream puff non-conference schedule?
  1. Have any one-loss teams made the national championship game with a cream puff schedule? (And if so, what were the circumstances of the national standings that allowed it to happen?)

I don't have time to research this today, but maybe one of you does. If so, post away. I'd be eager to see the answers.