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Longhorns Take On Oklahoma (sucks)

The baseball team travels to Norman tonight for the first of a three game set against the Sooners. Tonight's game is scheduled for 6:30, with a 2:00 start tomorrow and a 1:00 start on Sunday.

Texas badly needs to take 2 of 3 from Oklahoma, and a sweep would be downright joyful. One crazy idea that's been rolling through our minds is the thought of moving Preston Clark to 3B. After his performance on Wednesday, Augie said he'd have to consider it. Just something to look for this weekend.

Also, a cool toy is available over at Corn Nation which allows you to compare pitching and hitting throughout conference play. One interesting note is that the only team getting nearly the same number of walks and strike outs is your very own Texas Longhorns.

Probable starters:
April 4, 2008
Texas: LHP Austin Wood (2-2, 3.77ERA)
Oklahoma: RHP Jeremy Erben (1-0, 2.05 ERA)

April 5, 2008
Texas: RHP Kenn Kasparek (1-1, 4.94 ERA)
Oklahoma: RHP Andrew Doyle (4-2, 2.45 ERA)

April 6, 2008
Texas: LHP Riley Boening (2-0, 3.55 ERA)
Oklahoma: RHP Michael Rocha (2-0, 3.89 ERA)

Update [2008-4-4 11:14:00 by 40AS]: Texas takes game one 10-7. Kyle Russell goes yard for a grand slam in the top of the first, OU battles back thanks to 2 UT errors to tie it at 7 then the Horns plate 3 in the 7th and 8th for the final score.