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Augustin's Stock Still High After Disappointing Finale

DJ Augustin didn't fare well in what may have been his final game in burnt orange and white, but it hasn't hurt his draft stock in the eyes of the experts. Writes's Chad Ford (In$ider):

Augustin really, really struggled against Memphis. The Tigers were too big and Augustin couldn't get great looks -- his 4-for-18 shooting performance surely left a bad taste. Still, he absolutely dominated Stanford (23 points, 7 assists) to get to the Elite Eight and scouts are writing off Augustin's woes against Memphis to a perfect storm of a problem. Said one, "He's not going to come across many point guards in the NBA with [Memphis point guard Derrick] Rose's strength and size, that's why everyone covets him. On most nights, Augustin won't struggle like this. And what he brings is the best floor vision in college basketball."

Look for him to fall somewhere between Nos. 8 and 15 if he declares for the draft. He seems like a perfect fit on a team like the Pacers, who are desperately in need of a floor general who can lead on and off the court.

Though there's some chance DJ may return to improve his strength, conditioning, and overall game - not to mention a possible Final Four/Championship run - he appears to have earned a top selection in the 2008 Draft. If he leaves, we certainly can't blame him.

Stay tuned.