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Congratulations, Augie!

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Texas baseball coach Augie Garrido crossed a milestone in last night's 5-3 win over Texas State at The Dell Diamond, becoming only the second coach in NCAA history to win 500 games at two separate schools.

According to Texas Sports, Coach Garrido got 929 wins in two stints at Cal State Fullerton. Interestingly, though, the Fullerton website lists him with 875 wins there. Augie's total of three national championships there are undisputed. His two tenures for the Titans were sandiwched around a short gig at Illinois.

The Kiddie Corps hurlers were big in getting Augie Texas Win #500. Chance Ruffin, Stayton Thomas, Cole Green, and Brandon Belt combined with junior Pat McCrory to hold down the Bobcats and allow only six hits for the game. Michael Torres played second base again and committed two errors, but he also hit a two-run homer in the third and scored another run in the fifth to make up for them. Travis Tucker--a natural second baseman--also made an error at third, giving the Longhorns a total of three on the night.

The most important thing about this week, though, is the games that are not being played. With only one mid-week game scheduled, this week will feel for Texas more like an average week in the pre-Condensed Schedule era. The Horns have Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday to prepare for this weekend's big Missouri series in a practice setting. Here's hoping it pays off.