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Depth Chart Projecting: Offense

It's May 1st, meaning we've spent four months without Texas football and have four more until it returns. Halfway home, boys and girls.

Same as last year, we'll take couple cracks at projecting the depth chart, once now before summer and again at the beginning of August when fall workouts begin. Let's pray it's a quiet, trouble-free summer and we're not talking about attrition to grades and jail.

Les Roster

QBs (3) - Colt McCoy (JR), John Chiles (SO), Sherrod Harris (SO)

RBs (8) - Chris Ogbonnaya (SR), Vondrell McGee (SO), Foswhitt Whittaker (RS-FR), Tre' Newton (FR), Jeremy Hills (FR), Cody Johnson (FR), Antwan Cobb (SO), Luke Tiemann (SR)

WRs (11) - Dan Buckner (FR), Brandon Collins (SO), Quan Cosby (SR), Brock Fitzhenry (FR), DJ Grant (FR), DeSean Hales (FR), Antoine Hicks (FR), James Kirkendoll (SO), Jordan Shipley (SR), Montre Webber (SO), Malcolm Williams (R-FR)

TEs (4) - Blaine Irby (SO), Peter Ullman (SR), Ian Harris (RS-FR), Josh Marshall (SO)

OTs (6) - Tray Allen (SO), Aundre McGaskey (SO), Adam Ulatoski (JR), Kyle Hix (SO), Mark Buchanan (FR), Luke Poehlmann (FR)

OGs (6) - Cedric Dockery (SR), Charlie Tanner (JR), Michael Huey (SO), Britt Mitchell (SO), Steve Moore (SO), David Snow (FR)

Cs (3) - Buck Burnette (SO), Chris Hall (SR), Greg Smith (SO)


May Projection, Offense


Four months out, we lack a lot of the requisite information to make an opening day prediction, but this would be my guess as to where we stand heading into the summer. A few thoughts:

* I don't think this is necessarily our best top-to-bottom offensive depth chart, nor one I expect to see at the close of the season. This projection gives greater deference to veterans than I expect the season will uphold. Sophomores Tray Allen, Michael Huey , Buck Burnette, and Aundre McGaskey will all challenge for starting jobs, if not by September 1, then by December. Sophomore Kyle Hix had a terrific season of his own last year, so he won't be unseated easily. Ulatoski, Tanner, Hall, and Dockery will all need to remain healthy and perform consistently to avoid being passed by this young crop of O-Line talent.

* While the situation at wide receiver isn't hurting for depth, it certainly is in clarity. I honestly have no idea how this will play out and, at this point, think the only thing we know for sure is that a healthy Jordan Shipley and Quan Cosby will start. Beyond that, it's a mad scramble for position.

* Tight end depth? None. What the hell do we do if Irby gets hurt? (Edit: Brain fart overlooking Harris and Marshall. Regardless, the depth is an issue if Irby goes down, considering Ullman's limitations as a pass catcher and the inexperience of Harris and Marshall.)

* We've discussed John Chiles v. Sherrod Harris already, the resolution of which could shake things up a bit. Assuming Chiles sticks with QB as he intends, one of the young wide receivers needs to step up as a playmaker this season.