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C'mon Now. Do Your Part

As was mentioned yesterday, EDSBS is hosting a charity contest to raise money for victims of the tornadoes in Georgia and Oklahoma, and the cyclone in Burma. Yesterday, an earthquake rocked China, as well, so the need to assist relief agencies is as strong as ever.

And if the soft spot in your heart isn't moved to action, maybe the burnt orange spot in your heart will be: The current charity standings show the Oklahoma Sooners ahead of the Texas Longhorns. Today is the last day of EDSBS' donation drive.

Even if your budget has room only for a $10 donation, make it happen. I just gave to the American Red Cross, but you can give to any of the three agencies the drive is aiming to support. Details on how to donate are here.

[Note by billyzane, 05/13/08 5:24 PM EDT ] As of late this afternoon, Texas has skyrocketed to 4th place, but we're still a long ways out of third.  Keep the donations coming.

[Note by PB @ BON, 05/13/08 6:25 PM EDT ] Billyzane beat me to it, but it's worth mention again: We've got the big Mo! Give-give-give-give! You can write it off your taxes and help people! And shame the rest of the Big 12 with our generawesomeness. You have no excuse. Even a $10 donation is appreciated by these organizations.