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Light At The End Of The Tunnel

By this time tomorrow, my to-do list will be as short as it's been in nine months, as The Eyes of Texas 2008 leaves my desk for the printer. With final exams come and gone, my hectic meter is about to plummet: fly to California Saturday, sleep for 50 straight hours, emerge from slumber human again, wander to beach.

Oh, and posting. That'll resume too.

In the interim: Putting this book together always exposes me to to a truly ridiculous number of facts about Longhorns football. So let's test your knowledge against just a few of the hundreds of facts about Texas football in the annual.

Post your answers in the comments. Don't worry if you're just guessing at times - some questions are much harder than others. Regardless, if you use the internet to look up any answers, just go ahead and change your signature to "I love Oklahoma."

1. Among the 2007 BCS conference champions, which was the only team to have as many turnovers as Texas (26)?



C. West Virginia

D. Virginia Tech

E. Oklahoma

F. Ohio State

2. Which of the following 2008 opponents has the worst winning percentage all-time against Texas?

A. Rice

B. Oklahoma State

C. Baylor

D. Kansas

E. Missouri

3. Name the head coach of all four of Texas' 2008 non-conference opponents.

4a. As a varsity athlete at the Darlington School, Will Muschamp earned how many letters?

A. 8

B. 12

C. 16

4b. In college, Muschamp walked on the football team as a freshman. By his senior year, he was a team captain. Which college did he attend and what position did he play?

5. Will Muschamp's defense led the nation in total defense in which of the following seasons?

A. 2002

B. 2003

C. 2004

D. 2006

E. 2007

6. In 97 games against unranked teams, how many has Mack Brown won?

A. 70-74

B. 75-79

C. 80-84

D. 85-90

E. 91-95

7. Which Texas tailback has the lowest yards per carry average for his career?

A. Cedric Benson

B. Ricky Williams

C. Jamaal Charles

D. Hodges Mitchell

8. Who is the only Texas player to record 10 or more sacks in a single season during the Mack Brown era?

9. How many of Texas' eight senior starters on the 1983 Texas defense were drafted in the subsequent NFL Draft?

10. After the 2008 NFL Draft, there are now how many Longhorns in the NFL?

A. 20-24

B. 25-29

C. 30-34

D. 35-39

E. 40-44

[Note by billyzane, 05/16/08 10:01 AM EDT ] If you want to guess without seeing anyone else's answers first, then click through to comment and then from the pull-down menu above the comments where it says "Expanded" select "Collapsed" instead.