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Surprise NCAA Championship Opportunity!

Join the fun here as #7 Texas goes up against defending champions #4 Georgia, in a rematch of an indoor event that the 'Horns lost 4-2.  The match is on ESPNU, and you can also follow it at Tulsa's tournament site .  Check the comments of this post to answer some basic questions about the game format.

Georgia's #1 singles player transferred from UT to Georgia and won a national championship last year.  Let's show him he didn't have to go so far.

Hook 'em!

[Note by Horn Brain, 05/20/08 7:46 PM CDT ]  Texas takes the doubles point with wins on courts 2 and 3, despite Georgia nearly taking the match on 1.  Texas needs to at least split the singles matches to win the championship.

[Note by Horn Brain, 05/20/08 9:49 PM CDT ]  Congratulations to the back-to-back champion Georgia Bulldogs, but more importantly, congratulations to the Longhorns.  They put together a hell of a run through this tournament, beating the #2, 3 and 9 teams in the process.  This is the farthest Texas has ever advanced in the NCAA tourny, so one step at a time, I guess.  Did I mention Big XII champions?  Hook 'em 'Horns!