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All-Time Texas Team: Who You Got?

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Offseason news may be in short supply, but nostalgic daydreaming needn't be, which is why today I'm inviting you to join me in drafting your all-time favorite Longhorns team. The rules are simple: three players from each of Texas' main sports, plus two athletes from other sports, and two non-sport alumni.

One catch: I'm putting together a short No Draft List, all of whom are exempt from drafting. It's not exhaustive, but will help cut down on too much repetition.

No Draft List

  • Vince Young
  • Ricky Williams
  • Earl Campbell
  • TJ Ford
  • Kevin Durant
  • DJ Augustin

PB's Team

Football: Casey Hampton, Lamarr Houston, Derrick Johnson

Basketball: Brian Boddicker, Travis Mays, Gabe Muonecke

Baseball: Calvin Murray, Brooks Kieschnick, Huston Street

Other: Cat Osterman, Justin Leonard

Non-sport alumni: Farrah Fawcett, Walter Cronkite

Texas Tri-Delt Farrah Fawcett

Who's on your all-time team?