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Texas Gets #2 Seed in Houston Regional!

Good news, people.  If I'm not as dumb as ESPN's web designer, then I think that this bracket has us in national seed Rice's regional, across from Texas A&M's regional.  Why is this good? 

  1. We're in Houston, where we ought to get some good crowd support to help us get past Rice (though they'll probably have good fan support, too... probably...) and the other guys in our regional, #3 St. John's and #4 Sam Houston State.
  2. A&M has been horrible lately, which gives us hope that they won't make it out of their regional, thus giving us a good chance to host a super regional if we make it out of Houston.
  3. Second worst-case scenario (Worst being not making it out of Houston), Texas has to play in College Station for super regional action, a place that we haven't exactly had trouble with, 12th man and all, recently.

So there you go.  Hopefully I'll get another chance to see the 'Horns in Austin, but even if I don't, I've got a really good chance to see them make the Aggies cry one more time on their home field.  That's all fun to imagine for now, but first we should beat the crap out of Rice and friends.

[Note by Horn Brain, 05/26/08 1:16 PM CDT ]  This is also a good place to talk about any interesting matchups you find in the bracket.  Nebraska got UC Irvine as a #2 in their regional.  Good luck with those darned Anteaters, Corn.